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John Corney & Simon Williams

Craig Radford - Jonestown

"I can honestly say I've never played a guitar that felt as comfortable or quick, whilst sounding aggressive and full. If anyone needs a custom build then I absolutely recommend Matt at Dennison Guitars, I'll definitely be getting more"


"Hey Matt! Hope your doing well and enjoying the weekend! Just wanted to drop you a message as I just got my guitar back from another setup now that the woods have acclimated to Sweden. As everything is stable now, we were able to adjust the action quite a bit as well as lowering the neck saddle a touch. I really feel like it’s only now I can fully appreciate the beautiful work of art you’ve created. I loved it before but now I don’t even know where to start! Hands down the finest instrument I’ve put my hands down bar none. Your work easily put guitars twice the price to shame. Thank you once again for helping me make this instrument a reality!"


"Hi I don’t normally message like this, but I traded a couple of guitars for what I believe is the alpha 6 khorne made for Darryl and just have to say I have had a shed load of guitars in all forms with all different pickup configurations but nothing at all comes close to this guitar, I’ve over halved my guitar collection to trade for this and it was really worth it, when I’m eventually in a position to buy a new guitar I’ll be coming to you only. Kind regards Russ (very proud owner)"


"This guitar has the sweetest tone I’ve ever heard - Also the Lace pickups are the best. 55 is stellar !"



Pyramid Guitar Co are my authorised dealer for the USA and Canada

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Anytime Music Hong Kong

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