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Headstocks are available as traditional, angled (Multi-laminate neck) & angled with scarf joint unless otherwise specified and will always have a volute unless specified otherwise



Available as 6, 7 or 8 string headstock with 3x3, 3x4 (Alpha), 4x3 (Omega) & 4x4


Straight string pull headstock, available in 6 or 7 string only.

Not available as traditional construction.


Straight string pull headstock, available in 6, 7 and 8 string

Available reversed (As shown in photo).



Body: Bodies can be 1, 2 or 3 piece bodies, although 3 piece bodies are recommended for full spray colour finishes.

Top: Top woods can be 1 piece or book-matched with optional middle layer. Tops can be on the front and back of the guitar.

Neck: Necks can be one piece with carbon reinforcement as well as book-matched and multi-laminate necks up to 13 lamination strips.

Fretboard: Fretboards can be made with various radii as well as different wooden binding.


Standard 6: 25.5"
Standard 7: 26.5"
Standard 8: 28"

Standard Multi-scale 6: 26.75" - 25.4"
Standard Multi-scale 7: 27.75" - 26.4"
Standard Multi-scale 8: 28" - 26.5"

Other scale lengths are available upon request.

Changing the perpendicular fret is also available as an option for Multi-scale builds. 



Alpha, Omega, Artemis and Perseus models will all have available optional scratchplates.

Materials will include: Regular plastic 1/3ply, Wooden scratchplates, copper, aluminium & brass.

Metal scratchplates will come with more options such as brushed and patina.


All guitars are available as bolt-on, set neck or through neck unless otherwise specified.

Standard bolt on uses T-nuts and high tensile bolts to ensure a tight and repeatably strong neck joint without repercussion on the integrity of the wood as found with traditional wood screws over time.




I offer the following finishes to any guitar but will happily recommend what I believe is best for your build.

Oil finish: Brings the wood to life and allows the natural beauty of the wood to come through as well as letting the wood resonate naturally. However this provides little protection to the instrument in the event of knocks and scratches.

Nitrocellulose: Previously used by Fender and other guitar manufacturers it provides a thin film of lacquer over the wood, making it feel more natural. Solid colours as well as stains and burst are available with this finish as well as gloss, satin or matt finishes.

Polyurethane finish: This is a lacquer that many guitar manufacturers use today and provides the guitar with the most protection from knocks and scratches. Available in solid colours, bursts as well as clear coating in satin or gloss.

Swirls: Swirls are available upon request and will be done by a reputable swirler.


Pricing will vary depending on the specifications of your build. Download and fill out the spec form and I will be able to give you a custom quote for your project, I am more than happy to discuss wood and options if you have any questions.

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